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Hi I'm Matt,

First off welcome to my world. I am ADD-rific and you might want to take breaks from reading my posts or your brain might never forgive you.  If you are reading this you are one of the following:- A friend of mine who has been kidnapped to work on the project- A lucky Googler/one of the first victims- A serious die-hard nerd MMO fan Whichever you are doesn't matter as much as the fact that you are here. This is the beginning of the development of an indie Multi-player Online Role Playing Game, and your help is needed. Before we begin let me state that this is a learning process for the three of us who thought this up and will bear the majority of its load. All three of us are proficient in (doesn't help at all except for problem solving skills and basic understanding of programming endeavors), and two of us are working our way through Java. I also have a basic grasp on C/C++.  It is about here that you might ask yourself "What does all of this crap have to do with me?" Weeeell... if you got to this point in the post then you have been trapped and you have no choice: you are going to help. We need all of the following:- Advice (We know what we wan't (for the most part =P)we just don't know what the hell we are doing! (again for the most part))- Concepts (This is for all of you artsy people who have an amazingly large reservoir of ideas and limitless imaginations. This is also perfect for MMOers who have always wanted to see something in a game, but no game has done it so far.)- Programmers (I choose you programmers! No really for those of you who want to go further than advice, here is your chance. We need someone proficient in web design (for a site), someone proficient in databasing and client-server interactions, someone proficient in C++ programming, and any others with experience that pertains to this project.)- Coffee (Speaks for itself!)- Money (I'm not asking you to donate. While donations would be gladly accepted, we will just find ways to get the money if there is a program or service that we want bad enough to pay for.)

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